SPIS (Solar Power Independent Systems) Finland Oy is An electronics importing company that previously supplied natural stones from China to Finland.

The idea for the transition to the solar energy sector was born in 2011 and it was developed until 2016. Due to other jobs, the exchange of the industry took a further year. The 2018 long-established idea to start importing solar energy products into Finland finally came to fruition.

So, the interest in solar energy woke up for the first time in 2011, traveling with a partner around Southeast Asia, just a backpack and us.

Over the next five years, we spent a long time traveling around Asia with a small budget. At that time we noticed how important the availability of electricity is in everyday life. Every year we paid attention to the same problems with solar energy - Sun was enough, but the problem was energy storage, high price and need for space. Finally, at the end of 2017, we decided to deal with this fact. In 2018, we began looking for products that are close to our principles.

Our products and operating principles are linked to words:

• Ecology
• Energetic
• Flexibility

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